Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Men to Legally Rape their Wives.

After nearly a week of public silence, Simcoe-Grey MP and Minister for the Status of Women Helena Guergis issued comment late Friday on the controversy swirling around a new Afghan law that would allow men to legally rape their wives. Guergis, who travelled to Afghanistan during her stint as deputy Foreign Affairs minister over the last two years, sent the Enterprise-Bulletin a comment on the situation by email.

"My record and involvement with the women of Afghanistan is clear," Guergis said in the email transmitted by a member of her staff. "I am deeply concerned with several provisions of the law and Canada has made its position clear -- we call on the Afghan government, in the strongest terms, to honour its human rights treaty obiligations under internationa law particularly the respect for the equality of women."

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To speak out for the women & girls of Afghanistan, contact Helena directly here.

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Suzanne said...

A couple of things. First, did you know that after a difficult search photographer Steve McCurry found the subject of his famous photo. All these years later here eye tell a different but equally dramatic story.

Anyone who is truly interested in the plight of women in this area of the world should rent the documentary movie entitled, "Our Times". It's available on Netflix. The documentary team follow a poor Iranian woman in her bid to be elected to high office in her country. Hers is a grinding existence that we cannot imagine. Her story haunts me three years after I first saw the film. I wonder what has happened to her.

- Suzanne