Thursday, April 2, 2009

Live H2O Concert

The mission of Live H2O

This is a non-profit, 72-hour global event to bring humanity back to unity in the name of LOVE, by celebrating the sacred water of the Earth. Are you a performer, musician, technician or videographer? Be a part of this incredible event!

Join us! Tune in here at Live on June 19th-21st. Bring your friends, family, voices, drums, art, music and LOVE to the closest venue in your country. Co-create this grand celebration -the greatest spiritual concert in history- "all together NOW!"

Presentations: Concerts: Music is the main part of the event. Presentations: spiritual leaders, environmental/water specialists and holistic professionals will do presentations to bring awareness to the people to support the concept

Trade Show: Businesses related to the concept will have an opportunity to present themselves at the booths during this event.·

Prayer: millions of people across the world connect through global prayer on June 21st Proposed Venue (one of many): Wasaga Beach, the longest freshwater beach in the world, The Dome.

Benefits: Exposure (local and worldwide): On-Line broadcasting. We are going to have the on-line live time, when the whole world will be watching our performance (9 min.) Variety of musicians, artists and other performers/presenters. We are going to promote this event not only locally, but in Toronto as well. There are many people across the world that take part in this event (check the website

Promotion of Your Business. Personal & professional growth. Being part of the global community.

Types of Participation:

Sponsor/ Donor (sponsorship packages are being developed)


Musician, Artist, Spiritual leader

Media, Video, Broadcast technology professional

Holistic/Water/Environmental professional

Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga professional Organiser

Marketer, Promoter, Graphic and Web Designer·

Love and Light,
Olga Lishansky

The New Renaissance, Musician and Life Coach

Tuning Your Life to the Song of Your Heart

1 (705) 445-5480

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