Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Did Wasaga Grow?

Did you ever wonder why Wasaga Beach is the shape and size that it is today?

With its features of a boundary of water and a long river paralleling the beach for several miles, it is apparent that it could only develop in the linear fashion it is now. Read more....

Did you know that the province acquired over 350 acres of beachfront property covering over 16 kilometers in length. Plus, more than 3,000 acres inland created the Dunes Park, which now contains hiking and cross-country ski trails. About 25 per cent of Wasaga Beach lands are in provincial ownership. Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is unique as it is the only provincial park entirely contained within one municipality. One could say it is the opposite of Banff National Park in Alberta, which is one of the only national parks in Canada entirely surrounding a town.

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Author: Mary Watson

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