Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beach Theatre, Blue Pumpkins and More

By Patti Friday

Yes, we need a high school. Yes, we need to clean up every square inch of our beach, but there are a few things - a dozen - I think 'this' beach town needs immediately.

1. Beach Beautification Committee - to make sure the beach is designed with specific period architecture to attract residents, businesses and visitors alike. (pick a style: West Palm Beach, Key West, Malibu, Coney Island, The Beaches in Toronto.) In keeping with this style, all decisions must first be approved by this town committee to ensure Wasaga Beach grows in a 'beautifully' branded way. Invite designers and forward thinkers from all over the world to participate.

2. Bicycle Paths - every where, every where, every where. We must become 'The Bicycle Capital of Canada'. Here are 28 Reasons to Bike.

3. Mandatory Rain barrels & Tree planting - reasons here. (you might freak out when you watch it.)

4. A sign. A wonderful, quaint, nostalgic, beach sign on either end to welcome guests. If you think it will stop tall loads, then make it high enough or make it have a swing mechanism.

5. A old-fashioned cinema with a cafe on the side. Years ago in Peterborough, I would frequent a hip little place that had 2 meal seatings per night and afternoon. You could watch the movie first and then eat or vice versa. It was the coolest meeting place in the city and it had such a sense of community and entertainment. You are going to love this. Andhey....A Beach Film Festival in October too! (we need to extend our tourism season)

6. A music hall with state-of-the-art acoustics for musical and theatrical performances. Sorry, but the RecPlex just doesn't cut it. (The old theatre in Lindsay, that's a music hall)

7. Legalize golf carts. Seniors love their golf carts. Allow them to go on separate paths beside the bicycle path.

8. An Arts & Culture centre. Gallery, Beach Gift Shop, Museum, halls, displays etc.

9. A really, really, really well-marketed and branded 'daily' farmers market. (slow food) And, a fabulous Night Market for Friday and Saturday nights. And, a Christmas Market like the one in Prague.

10. 'Beach Blue Pumpkin Festival' in the Fall. All residents spray paint their pumpkins beach blue and sprinkle silver sparkles all over it. You can actually grow blue pumpkins...did you know that! Let's make it a new by-law. Only blue pumpkins in the beach in the fall and at Hallowe'en. (festival like Meaford's Scarecrows)

11. Mermaid Parade and Mermaid Ball. Here is Coney Island's Parade. FAQ. Check out the Mermaid Ball website.

12. A Santa Claus parade that will bring in thousands....more bands please!!!

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Suzanne said...

It's hard in my mind to connect the dots between - beach............. and Canada. There's an inherent marking problem. How do you convince people that a bay off Lake Huron can be beachy? Mexico has beaches. Jamaica has beaches. Canada? Not so much in my mind.

P.S. You might want to talk to the community leaders about sponsoring junkets for bloggers (like myself) to visit the "beach" and spread the good word. HA.

Love your stuff. Always.