Monday, March 30, 2009

Women Are Taking Over!

By Bill Frieday

In the past year I have traveled extensively for marketing and product workshops and for other events. In my travels I have discovered something I did not expect...women are taking over!

Witness the 3rd Annual Business Show at the RecPlex in Wasaga Beach on the weekend. It was produced by the Wasaga Beach Women's Business Association with a backup from the Chamber of Commerce. Extremely well attended and a tremendous success with over 70 exhibitors showing their products. Run by the Women of Wasaga Beach, Women like President Wendy Sherk and Show Coordinator Denise Potter of WBWBA (they have to shorten their name!) knew what they were doing...women are taking over!

Carrying on about the Women...The Lions Club in the Beach, once a stronghold of male dominance, next year will have Kaye Walker as President. Kaye will be only the second lady President of the WB Lions Club since 1963. Ruth Dutt was the first female President in 2003. Maybe we should be talking about having a man being president of the WB Lioness Club!! The Lions Club in Wasaga Beach, which is so everywhere in our community, has about 46 members. Women in the club represent 40% of the total membership.... women are taking over!

Everywhere I go women fill the seats. They outnumber the men in my own network. And they are not just talking about starting businesses; they are leaders at the forefront of the next entrepreneurial wave. Don’t get me wrong; I’m an equal-opportunity guy, but this is getting to be a little too much. It’s not that I was surprised that women could do it. It’s just that in my experience, men are the majority in the business world. Forget that. Men were the majority. When it comes to starting new businesses, women are definitely leaving men in the dust.

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research women own more than 50% of North American businesses, employing more than thirteen million people and racking up almost $2 trillion in annual sales (2008)! AND, one in five companies with $1 trillion or more in annual revenue is woman-owned.

Why are Women so successful, even with this terrible economic situation? They have a better way of doing business.

The old way of doing business was to compete and destroy, not talking to the competition and even other businesses in your community in order to be top dog. The new way of doing business is about inclusion, to compete, but to also cooperate and therefore, grow. Women still achieve their desired status, but they achieve it together.

As an example, every last Thursday of the month the WBWBA sponsors Business After Five coordinated by Chiropractor Dr. Sarah Adams. The event is held at the location of various Businesses in Wasaga Beach which anyone can attend and you don't even have to be a member of any organization. This is networking at the very best for our community. This way of doing business comes more naturally to women and they do it well. Coming together enables entrepreneurs to maximize resources, discover more opportunities, and leverage better deals. Who doesn’t need A LOT of that action? The new methods just make sense and why the women are at the forefront.

Women indeed are taking over!

Bill Frieday is an Independent Marketing & Advertising Consultant in Wasaga Beach.

Ref: Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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Pussy Willows at Superstore

I love pussy willows and they are on trend and oh so very chic in home accessories. Superstore has them on sale for $7.99 a (small) bunch! I think free, fresh ones are better, but I've been searching and can't find any. Who knows where we can all harvest a pretty bunch of pussy willows? Please leave your 'TIP' in the comments below. (click on comments) And check out Martha's pussy willows here.

RecPlex Construction Zone

Things are moving ahead nicely with the space improvements !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Despite the Rain, The Show was Packed!

Eight great reasons to shop and do business in Wasaga Beach...
1. Do the math with your gas! Have you ever figured out just how much it costs you to drive to Brampton to get your hair done or buy a new washing machine? Ontario companies and agencies pay mileage at rates of 35¢-50¢ per kilometre. That means they would calculate the cost of driving from Wasaga Beach to Brampton and back at a whopping $77 - $110! And, there are probably many things you would enjoy more than sitting in your car for several hours to travel back and forth.

2. Shopping in Wasaga Beach is eco-friendly. Most of us moved here for cleaner air and a healthier lifestyle. How much do you add to carbon dioxide emissions when you drive all those miles to buy something you could get here, usually within a mile or two of your home, sometimes within walking distance?
3. You can Ride the Wave, Wasaga’s new transit system to shop and do business. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint even more!

4. Wasaga Beach businesses help pay for municipal services you need and want! Local businesses contribute to local taxes. When you shop in Newmarket, your dollars help pay for services in Newmarket, not Wasaga Beach.

5. Wasaga Beach businesses contribute to local fundraising projects and community events. Visit any organized sporting event in Wasaga Beach see the number of Wasaga Beach businesses who are sponsoring teams. Go on the Library Garden Tour or the Kinette Club Christmas Tour of Homes and look at the long list of businesses contributing to the events. Wasaga Beach businesses contribute tens of thousands of dollars annually to community projects – improving the quality of life for our residents and guests.

6. Wasaga Beach businesses create jobs for Wasaga Beach residents.

7. A thriving business community will attract additional new businesses to Wasaga Beach. Investors and new business owners are looking for a community that supports its existing businesses.

8. Wasaga Beach businesses often offer services not available in larger centres.

For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 429-2247

Rainy Beach One

Help Replace The Stolen Money

The trip will go on as planned and all of us can help. Worsley Elementary School principal Lorna Howlett-Lowe said despite a recent robbery at the school, a year-end school trip the money was intended for will go as scheduled. The Wasaga Beach Canadian Tire was generous enough to donate a brand new treadmill and mountain bike for the Worsley Grade 8 cause. They are off to Montreal. You can buy a ticket today for a chance to win these items. The students have a table set up at Canadian Tire and Superstore. After that you can contact the school or a Grade 8 Student.