Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beach Blue Pumpkin Festival 2009

Time to start thinking about painting the 'fall' town 'baby blue' for the upcoming 1st Annual Beach Blue Pumpkin Festival in Wasaga Beach 2009. What a great way to extend the events calendar in our beach community and what fun! Hopefully there will be a contest for best baby blue pumpkins. You can spray paint them and cover them in silver sparkles or grow a blue pumpkin! This is a family event for all ages! Even the schools can be involved. Great for children! It will surely bring many crowds to Wasaga Beach in October 2009.

Tell your neighbours, friends, family, co-workers and call The Mayor!

'Beach Blue Pumpkin Festival' in the Fall. All residents spray paint their pumpkins beach blue and sprinkle silver sparkles all over it. You can actually grow blue pumpkins...did you know that! Let's make it a new by-law. Only blue pumpkins in the beach in the fall and at Hallowe'en. (festival like Meaford's Scarecrows)

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