Saturday, May 16, 2009

The United Police State of Wasaga Beach

O.K. Enough already. With all due respect, the police presence is complete and utter overkill. Our town doesn't look very 'open' to visitors (or residents), nor does it look very friendly - you (OPP) are going to scare away families - I know you are working professionally and with great care & concern to make our home safe, but I believe you are making Wasaga Beach look unsafe - plus - can't you just go to some hideaway command center beach location and be ready when we actually need you? I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. Am I?
NOTE: My Mother was hesitant for me to speak my mind about this and my Father said, 'For goodness sake, if the Tamil Tigers can take over the Gardiner Expressway, surely Patti can use her right to freedom of speech to publish her own opinion' !!! Go Dad!

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Andrew Mckay said...

Up The Revolution Patti:)

Unfortunately The Beach has a reputation for attracting young people and the in may people's minds this equates to rowdiness etc. Not always so and we were all young once.
The powers that be need to get their act together and start getting Wasaga Beach recognized as a premier family destination.
The opening of the Dome last year was a fiasco and Beach 1 needs a major rethink.
Found this on the web and unfortunately the idea of Wasaga Beach being a "faded vacation destination" seems to be a prevailing thought:

Any way the sun is shining and a walk on the beach is calling.