Monday, September 14, 2009

Cultural Tourism

Tourists in Wasaga Beach generate money for our town. Most people think of tourists as visitors from other areas of the country or other countries altogether. But because Wasaga Beach "could" host so many varied vacation and cultural experiences, it benefits us all to expand our definition of tourists as people who live close by, in the next town over, or clear across the province.

"Cultural Tourism."
Annually, tourists in Wasaga Beach:
Generate direct spending
Generate revenue in provincial and local taxes
Support jobs in a variety of industries

What, Exactly, is Cultural Tourism?

Cultural Tourism is the travel industry's term describing travel and visitation activities directed at an area's arts, heritage, recreational and natural resources. Visitors make destination choices related directly to a region's performance, artistic, architecture and historical offerings. In Wasaga Beach, we have one of the world's greatest natural destinations, but do we have one of the world's best cultural destinations?

Why Is Cultural Tourism Hot Now?

Cultural Tourists are a force to be reckoned with.

Here's why:
Cultural Tourism is the fastest growing sector of the travel industry.
Cultural Tourists spend $62 more per day and $200 more per trip than other travelers.
Cultural Tourists include multiple destinations during a visit and stay one half-day longer at each destination.
Cultural Tourists have higher levels of income.
How Can I Take Advantage of the Cultural Tourism Boom?

Getting a piece of the Cultural Tourism pie takes planning, creativity, collaboration and a good knowledge of the basics.

Check out MCC to learn how they are succeeding in Cultural Tourism. What can we all do next?

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