Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist Space Initiative Wasaga Beach

Artists help make Wasaga Beach a more livable town - a town of people and neighborhoods, a center of cultural life, and a stronger economic center. They function as small businesses by providing jobs and services for beach residents. Artists help transform marginal neighborhoods into dynamic communities. Frequently, festivals, galleries, small performance spaces and small retail spring up in these same areas through the work of resident artists, generating a vibrant street life that acts as a deterrent to crime, dramatically enhancing the quality of neighborhoods for both the people who live there and people who visit. But do Wasaga Beach Artists have dedicated spaces to work and live in?

Space/real estate concerns are a primary issue for Wasaga Beach artists. Is the Mayor's Office working to retain existing spaces for artists and creating new ones?

Wasaga Beach needs to create spaces that:
are permanently dedicated to artists through deed restrictions or similar legal mechanisms;
are located in buffer zones between industrial and residential neighborhoods in locations that do not support traditional family housing; and
offer live/work spaces (space where artists combine their residence with their work area, typically in an open floor plan offering large, flexible work areas) or work-only spaces (where residential use is not allowed) for rent and for purchase at a variety of prices with a preference for Wasaga Beach residents.

In a perfect world (in the near future), what Live/Work Guidelines would be created to help Artists?


Anonymous said...

While I was in Florida this past winter, I found a unique artist colony in cottage like spaces, soon I was visualizing this kind of thing happening in the cottage area of the Beach! Check this out if you like.

Anonymous said...

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