Monday, December 10, 2012

Embassy of Ideas PR

social media + publicity
ideas + content
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Welcome to the Embassy of Ideas. 

Perhaps you see me as the Ambassador of PR or imagine I’m an adventurous Captain or savvy Cultural Producer.

Some may claim I hold the promotional keys to the big door of big buzz.

I like to think I have a creative gene or two that will move your brand, image or business to greater places.

The Embassy of Ideas is the global headquarters for your communications needs and my ‘Publicity’ consultancy.

Let’s scan my service menu together.

Patti, Creative Ambassador-at-Large
Billed Monthly Via Paypal or eBank Transfer
Quarterly reports to track account growth and engagement
Social Media Branding and Marketing for Professionals*

No. 1:  
Customized For Your Needs.  Influential + Purpose Driven Updates
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn
20 hours/month (1 hour a day M-F) $300.00

No. 2:  
All of the above PLUS
1 published blog post daily
30 hours/month (1.5 hour a day M-F) $450.00

No. 3:  
All of the above PLUS
Media Releases, Publicity, Email Campaigns
Special Events, Promotional Activities
40 hours/month (2 hour a day M-F) $600.00

Photography $50/hour

Article/Copy/Newsletter/Script Writing $30/hour

Video Production $50/hour

Online Radio Production $30/hour

Social Media Training $30/hour

*Maximum 4 Clients serviced during a month to ensure exceptional service and results
Confidentiality, Privacy and Discretion Guarantee.  I engage on your behalf, as ‘YOU’
Weeknight/ Weekend updates may be substituted to meet your industry needs


The Embassy of Ideas will

Highly engaged, ethical marketing and management includes, but not limited to,  posting to accounts, accepting friend/follow/circle requests, replying and commenting on posts and networking accounts throughout social media networks

Patti Friday 
Wasaga Beach, ON

Email and Paypal Account:
Author, Publicist + Creative Ambassador-at-Large of Embassy of Ideas: 
Award-winning Canadian Blogger
Well-mannered with a salty tongue. Lives by 'The Pirate Code', channels the Statue of Liberty
and desires to bottle fireworks. Cake is her favorite food group.

Please Find Out More About Me:
Blog TO
Embassy of Ideas Blog
Liberty Post
The Beach Post
Patti Friday Photography Facebook Page


Canadian Weblog Awards
4 Nominations: 
Art & Photography  
Arts & Culture 

Best New Weblog  


Patti Friday, Photojourno, reporting from inside 'The Art Dept.' at the international 'Embassy of Ideas'.

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