Saturday, June 20, 2009

LOOK UP IN THE SKY !!! Flypasts!!!

Courtesy of Brian Kirkwood - PROBUS CLUB OF WASAGA BEACH

In celebration of the Centennial of Flight in Canada (1909 to 2009) therewill be flypasts of an F-86 Sabre (Hawk 1), a CF-18 Hornet, and the Snowbirds over our region of Southern Ontario. Here is the timetable broken down by aircraft/date/time/city/town:

HAWK 1 June 22 (Monday)*
1030 hours overhead Alliston*
1033 hours overhead Borden*
1036 hours overhead Angus*
1039 hours overhead Collingwood*
1042 hours overhead Wasaga Beach*
1046 hours overhead Barrie

CF-18 HORNET June 22 (Monday)*
1330 hours overhead Alliston*
1333 hours overhead Borden*
1336 hours overhead Angus*
1339 hours overhead Collingwood*
1342 hours overhead Wasaga Beach*
1346 hours overhead Barrie

SNOWBIRDS June 23 (Tuesday)*
1300 hours overhead Alliston*
1302 hours overhead Borden*
1303 hours overhead Angus*
1306 hours overhead Collingwood*
1307 hours overhead Wasaga Beach*
1311 hours overhead Barrie

NOTE: These flypasts will be weather and service ability dependent, and as a result may not take place or may occur earlier or later than the giventimes.

Please inform your local constituents of this celebratory flypast and let
them know to "look-up" when the time arrives!

As we say in the Canadian Air Force..."Per Ardua Ad Astra!" (Through Adversity to the Stars!)Sincerely,Captain Terry Wong

Terry Wong
Captain Wing Flight Safety Officer
16 Wing Borden
National Defence
Borden ON Canada
L0M 1C0
Telephone 705-424-1200 Ext 7169
Fax 705-423-3385
Government of Canada

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